Oikos Winter School 01.-07. March 2018

Since 2007, about 30 students from all over the world come to Witten once a year for working on issues of sustainability in economics. Here, respecting the triple bottom line of social, ecological, and economic sustainability receives special attention. For one week, the participants analyse theories, methods, and case studies and reflect different perspectives and ideas.

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The image of dysfunctional development cooperation is widespread. The allegations are manifold: Corrupt elites are enriched by the cash flows of development cooperation. Western concepts are naively exported without satisfying the needs of the local population. Projects often benefit the so-called donor countries most, and development cooperation reinforces existing dependencies. In short: “Development aid is often a blind flight,” says American economist and development aid critic William Easterly, co-director of the Institute for Development Research at New York University. Is this applicable? Which approaches of development cooperation are more successful than others? What are the different motivations behind cooperations, and how do they affect the implementation of the projects?#



It is heartbreaking that global society has evolved a highly efficient way to get entertainment to rich adults and children, while it can’t get twelve-cent medicine to dying poor children.



—William Easterly


We have to re-configurate global capitalism in order to help the poor.

—Jim Yong Kim


Deep in every liberal sensibility is a profound sense that in a world of moral uncertainty one idea is sacred, one belief cannot be compromised: the rich should help the poor, and the form of this help should be aid.

—Dambisa Moyo


True solutions will also require deeper debt relief, greater development assistance, more open trade with the rich countries, and the like.

—Jeffrey Sachs


Whom should we believe? Those who tell us that aid can solve the problem? Or those who say that it makes things worse? […] We simply do not know; we are just speculating on a grand scale.

—Esther Duflo and Abhijit V. Banerjee

Find out about the Oikos Winter School on their website!